Monday, June 4, 2012

One Man's Trash

If you know where to send it, a fairly trashed rug can become a treasure!

About 10 years ago, this Hamadan came in to the shop so badly moth infested that when the rug owner dropped it on the floor, a cloud of live carpet moths flew out! 

Having no real attachment to the rug, the owner asked if I would dispose of it for her.  I was happy to oblige!  I “disposed” of it right onto the wash floor, where it was treated with a pesticide to help kill the various cycles of carpet moths (eggs, larvae, flying moths), cleaned on the front and back, hung in a heated drying room to dry, and then sent to the repairer for evaluation. 
Visible Moth Damage, Patched Corner

It was decided that the rug needed new edges, the fringe ends needed to be secured and the corner of the rug needed to be filled in.  Since the rug had no monetary value left to it after such extensive moth damage, we decided to simply patch the missing corner rather than re-weave it. 

Not New, But Very Useable!
The rug has been used in my own front hallway ever since!

The cost to do all of these repairs to this particular rug would have been too high for a regularly paying customer, but you should always have your textiles evaluated before disposing of them...just in case you are sitting (or standing!) on a treasure.

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Happy treasure hunting!!

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  1. That is a handsome Hamadan Lynn. Thanks for sharing your treasure!